Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go & The Power Of Kudzu!

Why does Kudzu work for hangovers? When it comes to how something works, modern scientific bio-medicine is very keen to understand medicinal mechanisms. Herbs have a sort of thermal quality about them. For instance mint is cool and peppers are hot. Herbs also have tastes such as spicy (also called pungent or acrid) sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and bland. Each of these tastes has medicinal functions associated with it. For instance, sweet and sour together are one way to stimulate the production of body fluids. If you think about how sweet and sour taste in your mouth you might get an intuitive sense of how the body responds to these tastes used together. As they make your mouth water, so do they hydrate your body.


Finally, herbs have target organs and channels (these are the acupuncture meridians associated with the organs). A herb that is described as entering the liver or the kidneys has an effect on those organs as well as the channels associated with those organs. Affecting the channel often means that the part of the body that will benefit from the medicinal properties of the herb will lie on the trajectory of that channel. For instance, an herb for what is stomach fire? might address heartburn in the stomach, but also bleeding gums which is an area through which the stomach channel passes.


How Does Kudzu Work on Alcohol?

First let's describe the energetic properties of alcohol, then we'll see how Kudzu addresses these qualities. Just as herbs are given tastes and temperatures, so are other things that might end up going into our mouths. Alcohol is considered to be as being warm or hot in temperature. It makes you feel warm, it burns the stomach, and it turns your face red. These are all indications that alcohol's thermal nature is hot. Its effect on the human body is the creation of dampness and heat inside the body. The heat part is relatively easy to understand as I just mentioned. However the dampness is something that we'll see more in the hangover than the heat of intoxication. Alcohol makes you all warm and humid inside.
Don't get all confused by the fact that bio-medicine explains that the reason for the red face is capillary dilation. This is not a situation where it has to be one cause or the other. Kudzu root has the following properties: It is spicy, sweet, cool, and enters the spleen and stomach.

Using Kudzu root will provide a very gentle dispersing quality, using the flower of the Kudzu plant will provide a stronger dispersion of that alcohol toxicity in the body this is what we do with Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go we use the flower of the root. Kudzu cools and nourishes while eliminating the residual effects of alcohol. Kudzu's cool properties address the heat component of the alcohol. In short, it will cool you off. Even after the intoxication period, there is latent heat brewing deep down inside. This is especially evident among alcoholics whose daily exposure to alcohol causes this heat to become more and more profound resulting in a ruddy almost red complexion as a permanent state.

Kudzu also enters the spleen and stomach and it is this ability to enter into the these organs that gives Kudzu the ability to address a hangover. The Stomach (and stomach) is obviously very upset during the hangover, but the dizziness associated with the hangover is also at least partly a function of the spleen. One of the spleen's many duties is the lifting of "clear yang". Clear yang as it is said in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) it is the energy that fills our heads with brightness and intelligence. When clear yang is not rising into the head, symptoms such as dizziness, fogginess, lack of mental clarity, and fatigue arise. Alcohol clearly has an effect on the body to generate these sensations.

In particular, it is the damp quality of the alcohol that causes these problems. To a certain extent, the dampness also causes the nausea, though this is a slightly different issue. When clear yang can't rise, explain turbid yin can't descend. When turbidity can't go downward, it wants to come upward, hence the nausea and vomiting of the hangover or acute state of alcohol intoxication.

Alcohol intoxication is false clear yang rising.
One thing that alcohol does provide is a sort of false clear yang rising. This results in the buoyancy and temporary joy of drunkenness. It temporarily stimulates the upward rising function for the clear yang of the Spleen, while also stimulating the upward movement of the liver, another organ that according to TCM is involved with circulation of energies in the body.

The heat associated with the damp-heat of alcohol also damages the body fluids, not unlike you might get dehydrated when running a fever. Kudzu's function of generating fluids actually assists with this problem of dehydration. Bio-medically speaking, alcohol has the effect of inhibiting the anti-diuretic hormone secreted in your brain. This leads to an increase in your urinary output or as is commonly said "you don't buy beer, you rent it." If you urinate too much, your blood chemistry can be affected leading to the symptoms such as thirst, weakness, dryness of mucous membranes, dizziness, and light headedness.


Kudzu helps the clear yang rise, and the turbid yin descend.
The sweet flavor of Kudzu, although it may not be evident to the taste buds, is most certainly evident in how the body responds to this herb. Sweet nourishes or strengthens and it has a natural affinity for the digestive organs that TCM calls the Spleen and Stomach. So adding a gentle sweet flavor, (as opposed to the unnatural sweetness of something like a soda), can add some strength to the digestive organs, thus regulating their functions that were compromised by excessive alcohol intake. Biomedicine says that alcohol damages the linings of the stomach and intestines. This will give rise to abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. TCM says that the damp-heat of alcohol damages the stomach and liver which results in many of the same problems as described by the biomedical explanation. Dampness is something that commonly collects in the stomach giving rise to nausea and vomiting.


All in all, Kudzu is a benign herb with no observed toxicity, its actually a food commonly served in some Asian cuisines. It works perfect in our Formulated Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go in helping aid in the relief of a hangover. Hangover Joe's is the nation's leading Hangover Recovery Shot.


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Hangover Joe's Recovery Shot does not prevent intoxication. We recommend that you drink in moderation and responsibly. This product is intended for Adults 21 and over.



Too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally, rapid heartbeat. Not recommended for use by children under 21 years of age. One serving provides 220 mg of caffeine which is comparable to one cup of coffee. You may experience a Niacin Flush (hot feeling, skin redness), caused by Niacin (Vit. B3) increasing blood flow near skin.

The Famous Hangover Recovery Shot

  • All in all, Kudzu is a benign herb with no observed toxicity, its actually a food commonly served in some Asian cuisines. It works perfect in our Formulated Hangover Joe's Get Up & Go in helping aid in the relief of a hangover. Hangover Joe's is the nation's leading Hangover Recovery Shot.



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