The pineapple and lemon juice gives this meat a complex flavor. It surprises with the bourbon kick, mixed with the marinade. This is one you can sit down with a beer during game and enjoy the complimentary flavors. I finished this bag quickly. You will too. Memphis Dry Rub BBQ Jerky: The sweetness will be the first thing that hits you with this moist and tender jerky. The garlic and onion kick in once you continue eating with the slightest of peppery bite. The flavors are layered nicely. It is a great bag of jerky.

Dan G

I normally eat Jack Links beef jerky, but Hangover Joe's Michigan is SO much better! Hangover Joe's Michigan taste so good and it's very tender. Jack links beef jerky is so dry and has very hard pieces. Hangover joes has the best flavors I have ever tried. I'm a fan of spicy food and i absolutely love the habanero flavor

Mark S

The most amazing beef jerky you’ll ever have!! They have so many delicious flavors to chose from! Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, tangy or maybe just good ole original bbq, Hangover joes has it all! My favorite is the Japanese style teriyaki as well as the Memphis BBQ! I swear once you try it you’ll keep coming back for more!!

Payge C

The beef jerky is AMAZING! I have tried all of the flavors and my favorite is the Memphis BBQ. If you enjoy spicy food you will definitely love the habanero beef jerky. This beef jerky is truly one of a kind. Be prepared: Once you try the jerky - you will get hooked. 

Michelle D

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